Content Creation for Boutiques

Content Creation for Boutiques

By this point you may have taken the pictures, uploaded them and launched your boutique's website. So, you may be thinking "what other content do I need to create for my boutique?" Here's the truth. Your website won't see much traffic if you don't create content that drives people there. So, today we're discussing creating content for boutiques.

Content can come in many forms. If your website has a blog, the posts you create is considered content. Videos are considered content. The photos you share on social media are pieces of content. When you create content with the intent to share online and create interest in your products and services, this is called content marketing.

What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts). It doesn’t always involve promoting a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

So, now that we've discussed different types of content, now we'll discuss tactics for creating content for boutiques.

Have a Solid Brand Foundation

  • It's imperative that you know your brand and what makes sense for it. Having a solid brand foundation means being aware of what kind of content would and wouldn't work for your brand; what you should and shouldn't share. It's often easier to determine what you will not post before you'll determine what you will. I recommend writing a list of 3 types of post you will share AND ONLY sharing those types of posts UNTIL you feel comfortable enough to broaden out.
Be Aware of Your Target Audience
  • You need to be clear on who you are sharing these posts with. Your posts should not be targeted at everyone. If you think your post is for everyone then you probably shouldn't share it. It's important that you know who you want to see the post, comment on it , share it, etc. Make content that resonates with the people you want to target. Before you post ANYTHING, ask yourself, "Does this resonate with my target audience? Will my audience like this?"
Create Things That Can Be Repurposed
  • One thing that boutique owners constantly struggle with is feeling as if they don't have anything to post. Many people believe that after they've shared a photo or blog post once, they can never share it again. You're wrong! This is why I urge my fellow boutique owners to use their own photos and take as many as possible so they will always have photos to share. Who cares if your audience has seen that dress or that top or those pants before? You can change the caption, style it differently, change the prices, etc. Don't create "one hit wonders." If you're writing blog posts, start with one big idea (a big post) and then create multiple small posts from that.
Use a Content Planner
  • It's a lot easier to share content consistently when you plan and schedule it in advance. I personally use Planoly to plan and schedule my Instagram posts. This is a great tool if you're interested in creating a very curated Instagram feed. You can also create a content marketing calendar where you simply plan what, when and where you post. If you're blogging, your website platform should also have the capability to schedule your posts in advance. 
Create Content That Gives Direction
  • You should have an intended result from every single piece of content you share. It's important to give your followers and viewers a call to action. Think about what you would like them to do after seeing your post and then ASK THEM to do it. Comment below. Share this in your stories. Tag a friend. Click the link in our bio. Read our latest blog post. Share with a friend who may like this. Sign up for our email list. There are so many calls to action that you can share with your followers. Just remember, if you don't have an expectation, don't expect your followers to take action.

Alrighty guys, I hope you all learned something or took a couple of pointers from today's post. As always, if you have any questions or comments, share them below. And be sure to follow us on Instagram @theboutiqueacademy!

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