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Boutique Business: A to Z
Adrienne Gamble
The Beginning

When I purchased the book I thought I was going to jot down a fee notes and gain insight on how to launch my clothing brand. In the middle of the book I said wait a minute, this is giving me so much information it's like mapping out a blueprint! So I got a notebook and began reading the book from the beginning because it started making me realize to really set the foundation of my business. Each chapter is a brick for that foundation. Once done with the notebook process, I then feel I have to type this all up, organize it and put it in my business binder like this is the book to get when you have no idea on how to navigate putting together every detail of your business! A to Z is pure gold.

Detailed information

There is something for every topic!

Already started implementing!

I've invested over 10k on programs and can't believe Jance is sharing this info for only $499! Seriously! I now understand how to utilize email marketing effectively and looking forward to seeing how much my business grows after my relaunch!

If “I said what I said” was a sweatshirt

Love this sweatshirt because I can point to it when ppl come to me with the drama lol. I did it in real life and the message was received lol. It was so satisfying. Plus it’s a good quality sweatshirt!

Love them!!

I love my sweaters!! They are so soft, very cute, and they came early. I will be purchasing other colors. They are true to size!!

My best investment on my boutique

The boutique bootcamp helped me so much in gaining clarity and understanding all the steps I need to take to launch my boutique successfully. I really recommend it.


I LOVED this webinar so much. Jance pours soo much into her students. She gives you all the information you need to be successful at selling. It is clear, organized and easy to understand. I would highly recommend this webinar to new and existing businesses.

Surviving Entrepreneurship: How I Made $100K in My First Year of Self-Employment
Mary A.
The best business book ever

I cant i made step to actually start my business, I have been using the books as study to get my business on the right track

Boutique Business: A to Z
Tanya Barnes-Jones
Great Read!

This book is very informative and is wonderful for someone starting out or planning on rebranding their business. It helps you with the foundation of your business. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to start a business or restart their business.

Very informative loved it

These THREE days were amazing

So much information and so much patience 🙏🏾 thank you. Can’t wait to get my NOW and 2022 together and implement everything you’ve taught.

I learned so much

I learned so much! Now I know which direction to go and where to put all my focus! Can’t wait to receive the stop/play video so I can digest it all piece by piece. I can’t wait to see the growth! Thank you Jance!


Over three days Jance gave us nearly TWELVE hours of education.

She literally taught for so long that she reached the limit of use on the platform she was using, which is four hours per webinar. We know this because we got kicked off the webinar at the fourth hour.

She showed up, she was happy, she was receptive to questions, she answered every question given and she went into extreme detail.

She actually got into the meat and bones of each subject matter she was teaching for the day, giving us as much information as she possibly could with no upsell. There was absolutely no cap on what she was willing to share with us. She is extremely transparent, shared screenshots, shared apps that she uses, shared things that she recommends, she held absolutely nothing back.

I have been in business for several years and I have taken many programs, from buying five dollar e-books to buying $5000 courses so I’ve been around the block when it comes to webinars, coaching, etc.
I’m also very well read and I do my research on a lot of topics. So most of the time when I invest my money into a course they are teaching things I am already educated on and aware of.

Jance actually covered topics and things that I was not aware of. She gave tips and tricks that I had never heard of, she broke down the concepts in a way that I have never had them broken down and I completely understood. She then tied all three webinars together and explained how the information she was giving us looked in the application in our business in real life.

I literally left the webinar with actionable and practical steps of how to utilize and manipulate a sales funnel, Email marketing and content creation to make the most money in my business.

I feel completely confident in saying that I know the practical steps it would take for me to reach a goal, whether it be a certain dollar amount or a certain number of subscribers. I feel highly confident, for the first time, in making a revenue goal and being able to reach it. I feel that I truly possess the knowledge and ability to reach the goals I am going to set in the future.

The number one thing that sets her apart from all the other courses in coaches I have invested in is the fact that she provided practical steps and application, not just concepts. She provided the information, the concepts, then she told us how that looks in real life when we are using it. She told us where those concepts fit in in our business in an our funnel.. just so much good stuff.

It was just an amazing webinar series. I really appreciate that she split the webinar up into three separate webinars and didn’t try to cram everything into a one or two hour webinar. Based on that alone I can tell that she was truly invested and committed to providing the information we needed, she was not just showing up for the money. She was showing up to make sure that we understood. She showed up, she stayed, and she encouraged us to reach out to her until we understood the concepts.

Not only did she stay with us for 4+ hours she also got on social media after and engaged with us there. Whether it was the Facebook group or Instagram she showed up answer questions and replied to comments.

I feel overly confident that I can make my investment back within a week or two. As long as I can afford it I will always support her (and when I can’t afford her I’m gonna find a way to support her! That’s on Mary had a little lamb!)

Highly recommend, this is something I would purchase and gift to my business owner friends.

Loved it!

I went into this training with a lot of information already so it was absolutely what I needed to connect the dot. Jance makes it easy to understand the concepts of building a brand. She is an amazing business coach! I look forward to participating in her other program as my brand evolves.

Money well spent

I have taken a few classes surrounding business and were disappointed BUT Jance and the Boutique Academy was a breath of fresh air. I learned so much. Jance was professional and personable. I feel more equipped to be a successful Curvy Boss.


All the words I put together cannot express the wealth of information that was shared in our three days of class. I will continue to say if you want access to more information it’s important you pay the RIGHT people to guide you along. For 3 days my mind was blown at things I was missing in my business and how these simplicities were costing me money in the long run. The thing I really want you to understand however, is not everyone can teach you to understand these concepts clearly. Jance has a way of breaking things down to the bare bones (your foundation) so you understand your beginning to end. Whether you are a beginner or expert you will walk away knowing exactly what needs to be done and why. She goes above and beyond to ensure that all the money you spent, is worth it. While it’s not everything that is needed to run a profitable business, this webinar will certainly teach you some foundations, systems and how to make meaningful connections with your potential customers. Thanks again Jance and can’t wait to see you in another course.

Much needed session

This class was very informative! It really made the light bulb come on for me and put a lot of things in perspective. Now on to the journey of putting what I learned in to motion to help my business thrive. Thanks Jance this was a great investment.. Now it's time to get my coins together for the Accelerator Session!!!

Jance is the BEST

Jance embodies being selfless. Let me explain what I mean. She’s open to sharing and responding to any questions concerns & ideas BIG or SMALL. She shows the raw data the analytics the apps ALL the details that I’m certain your fave isn’t sharing no matter how much you did or didn’t pay. When the webinar ran over she moved it to a Facebook group where she continued to interact with the class. Her attitude was upbeat & professional. Plus she’s honest if she doesn’t know something she says I don’t know but contact x y z & they’ll be able to help you. It’s evident that she wants us to win & is willing to go the extra mile to insure we understand the information she’s teaching/sharing. The one thing I love is she presents in a way that tells a story. At the end you should be capable of putting each course (chapter of the book) together & have a clear understanding of why & how all the things intertwine. This left me hopeful that if I go back & apply what’s shared I should see my sales pick up. Lastly she provoked us to think & dig deeper in order to determine the type of brand we want to personify & represent. For me that’s major because she’s giving you the view from both perspectives the consumers view and the boutique owners view. This by far was the best money I’ve spent in an attempt to become more knowledgeable about e-commerce. The enthusiasm coupled with her sharing her experiences left me feeling equipped capable & determined to win. I’d highly recommend anyone taking her courses no matter what type of e-commerce you have or are looking to start!

Always feel like a got a new Degree

I am a Jance’r. I always get a degree-full amount of new informations and strategies to apply to my launching business. I would definitely recommend taking any course taught by Jance she literally takes you from A to Z in the subject matter at hand. She gives you her real life experiences as answers to your questions and refers another if she isn’t sure. The genuine touch Jance has is unmatched. She never rushes a session. If it goes over get your snacks, because class will be in session until she completes her presentation and answers all the participants questions. Thank you Jance, you’ve taught the power of patience, clarity, and simplicity in business operation and planning. I gratefully accept my degree in How to get more Sales. I am applying what I’ve learned to my 2022 plan of action for my business.

Money Well Spent!

Jance did not disappoint with The How to Get More Sales" 3-Part Webinar Series. She actually over delivered. Jance is the real deal. I got much more than I expected from the course. I learned so much new information and I am excited to put my new knowledge into action and continue to grow my business. Jance is extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient and so relatable. She took her time to answer everyone's questions and went above and beyond to provide all of the resources that have helped her become such a great success. Jance holds nothing back. Her openness to share is refreshing. I wish Jance all the blessing the future holds for her because she does this work from her heart and it shows. She truly wants success for each of her students.

Love the course

I’ve learned so much so far, I can’t wait to put everything I have learned into practice once I re launch my boutique. I wish there was a pause button on the second day replay. Overall, this webinar was so much information and I couldn’t be happier.

Excellent deserving more than 5 ✨

I love that Jance is very humble and resilient. She knows her stuff, people underestimate her, but I don’t! I have been following her since the beginning of her YouTube Channel. I’m so proud of how far she’s come and taking it to the next level by helping us along the way. If you’re sleeping on Jance, please DON’T. She has so much insight and she’s truly passionate about what she does. I’m proud of you Jance and I can not wait to learn more.
If you ever want to invest in your business and yourself, please choose a coach can trust and I myself will say, I approve this message and I recommend! Jance for the win 🏆


I took this course to have a successful relaunch, and successful it was! I am now in week 2 of my relaunch and I am more clearer than ever before. Reaching all of my goals not just the monetary ones. So happy I took this course. It was worth it.

Beyond Grateful

I’ve been at this “ launching” stage for about 3 years now. Tried and failed. Paid thousands to help with it, failed. Stopped and revamped, continued to take courses, most helpful but also irrelevant. This year paid some business coach to help launch, get marketing together, just to guide me on what I need to be doing. When I say I learned more during those three days that I have with the paid help I’ve been receiving these past few months, and in the past. All this time I have been stuck because I lacked the knowledge. Just like that , Jance changed everything for me. I was afraid at first because I felt like I wasted thousands of dollars already on people who really wasn’t helping. However, I’m glad I took a chance on myself, and invested in a REAL PROGRAM. My thinking has completely shifted , and now I know how to position myself. I am forever grateful for you Jance, you will forever be blessed because of how you pour unto others. I hope that we can one day foster a business friendship and mentor.
Blessing unto you 👏🏾