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Great investment

I've always dreamt of starting a boutique , but I knew I wanted to do it right. I did my research and landed on Jance's Youtube page and knew I wanted to buy anything she had to sell within the first 5 minutes. Eccomerce Elementary is a great investment if you're a beginner and you want streamlined direction. Jance doesn't do anything sub par she provides QUALITY. I'm a serial course taker lol, because I don't have time to waste. So once there's a course, imma take it , learn and implement. Let me tell you this - I've never met another coach like Jance, she's very intentional and detailed. Once you're ready to do the work, you won't regret it.

Shopify for Beginners
shameeka samuels
Boutique Academy

I started my boutique in 2007, rebranded 2019, launched 2020 and still haven't seen money like I did before. The academy is full with great info whether it's a refresher or new I'm grateful.

Email Marketing 5-Day Challenge
Charlene Mompremier-Renervil

Email Marketing 5-Day Challenge

Email Marketing 5-Day Challenge

Great foundation

If you are brand new to business specifically a boutique business Jance does a very thorough job of taking you from beginning to implementation. She discusses branding in a very in depth manner. What I believe was lacking was marketing that could be done outside of organic growth and email marketing. The connection between not having a following and sending emails to a nonexistent audience was where I felt like the course wasn’t as in-depth. I believe the course coupled with coaching may address this issue. But I purchased the self paced course.

Buy Now!

At first glance The Planner is very detailed with examples & charts. This will definitely be a helpful tool on my journey to entrepreneurship as a boutique owner. Can’t wait to get started!

Digital Product Bundle
Chikeria Hurst

Digital Product Bundle

Price + Profit Calculator
Kimberly Austin
Much Needed

Easy to use and it helps me to guide my business in numbers. I am able to set goals and prices to make a profit. Never had anything like this before in any coaching program!!

I love it

I wanted until now to use it because it came towards the end of April but I flipped through it & I'm super excited to start using it this month. It equipped to help me focus on my goals & meet them

Very Helpful

I was able to fill this out and forward to my accountant for my taxes, it worked very well

A Retailers Dream Journal!

As with everything Jance puts out, the planner is excellent in appearance and content. I long to be organized even if 60% of the time I am not. This planner puts me in the right direction. Because I write large and always have I think a digital copy would work better for me. The journal is so nice I don't want to write on it! But the information and structure is easy to understand and doable.

You need this!

This is a must for any business owner!

Best Thing Ever!

I am able to keep track of my expenses better than ever. No longer searching for documents, emails, or wondering what did I buy this month. I know my tax professional will be grateful that everything is in one place. Easy to use and keep track of!

Love! Love! Love!

The perfect planner for boutique owners! Designed to keep focus goals and important data.

I can’t find it in my emails, not even sure I received it..

Hi Tanya! We've sent you a secondary email containing the links. Please let us know if your are unable to locate them again.

You provided a lot of great information.I really appreciate the way you explain and break everything down. I love it.

Just What I Needed

I am a planner girl at heart. I have been wanting a planner specifically for my boutique and The Boutique Academy planner checks off all of my boxes. I love that it’s formatted for 3 months at a time, so that my planning doesn’t become too overwhelming.

The All Black Affair
Worth Every Penny

I’m glad I made this investment. It helped me get a plan together for Black Friday. The spreadsheets were very helpful and my favorite part. Jance is always giving the best info and that’s why I’m a repeat customer.

The All Black Affair
Kyra Strickland

Definitely worth your $$$

The All Black Affair
Gems were dropped!

The title says it all! I’ve taken Jance’s Accelerator program, been in the Boutique Academy, and still learned a lot of great info to prepare me for BFCM. Thanks to this event I was able to make a concrete plan that I’m excited and prepared to kick off next month!

The All Black Affair
Autum Love
Best $49 I spent

I was able to plan my Black Friday in a weekend! The class wasn’t a fluff class or one where the instructor talks down on her students. I feel more than confident to execute what I learned. I have a better understanding of numbers and what I need to do as far as marketing! Thanks Jance

The All Black Affair
Excellent training

The material and presentation was valuable in preparation for Black Friday. Thank you Jance!

The All Black Affair
Ingrid Kindred
Excellent course!

Jance really provided so much information. I left this training feeling less stressed about Black Friday because I now have a plan that I can follow to help with sales. I can't wait to join the monthly membership.

The All Black Affair
Kayla Laurent

The All Black Affair